Automate your way to Travel back in time!

Never underestimate the importance of automation and the benefits it gives you.

If possible automate the task, any task done more than once should be automated. Quite a sweeping statement but the benefits to you and your team outweigh the investment in time.

1. Reduce error, Improve Quality

This is the first on the list and debatably the most important. Automating tasks when combined with good testing and approval processes can significantly increase output quality and decrease time required.

2. Learn new things, Improve your skills

You’ll face new challenges and learn new things when you try to automate every job thus growing your skill set in the workplace whilst developing yourself.

3. Travel back in time!

That’s maybe an outrageous claim but you’re in demand and your time is limited. By using automation you can effectively gain time. Gain more time to do the your job more effectively and increase your productivity on tasks that need your expertise.

When we have our automation in place it’s crucial to have auditing and reporting in place. Typically audit files or tables with quality and exceptions would be an excellent choice. In SSIS, once set up, we also have the SSIS logs to provide further information. The final piece of the puzzle is to create notifications and, if required, reports so we can be alerted to any errors or exceptions within our processes.

Automate your way to Travel back in time!

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