Setting up Azure SQL Readable Secondaries – Part 1

With our last post and the availability of readable secondaries on all tiers I thought I’d run through the requirements.

Firstly we need to create three servers. In this example we’ll create one each in North Europe, West Europe and West US, as below;

Then we will add a database to our Primary server, North Europe.

Then  under the database we can add a Geo-Replication role;

Which will open a map which you can click on and add the applicable, as below we’re going to click on West Europe’s plus symbol;

Once this is clicked Azure will start to deploy your database;

When deployment is complete the secondary is ready for more configuration. The deployment completion time is dependent on where and what size your database is – you will see the database shown as seeding and a percentage.


Setting up Azure SQL Readable Secondaries – Part 1

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