SQL Server 2016 DBCC Extended Checks (EXTENDED_LOGICAL_CHECK)

Although SQL Server 2016 is now in RC1 it looks as though there will be some changes to the default options in DBCC CHECK with regards to the EXTENDED_LOGICAL_CHECKS option. With the increasing amount of spatial data being used in today’s databases its important to be aware of this possible change to the RTM build.

From the article;

New SQL 2016 Behaviour
Starting with SQL Server 2016, additional checks on filtered indexes, persisted computed columns, and UDT columns will not be run by default to avoid the expensive expression evaluation(s.)  This change greatly reduces the duration of CHECKDB against databases containing these objects.  However, the physical consistency checks of these objects is always completed.  Only when EXTENDED_LOGICAL_CHECKS option is specified will the expression evaluations be performed in addition to already present, logical checks (indexed view, XML indexes, and spatial indexes) as part of the EXTENDED_LOGICAL_CHECKS option.”

SQL Server 2016 DBCC Extended Checks (EXTENDED_LOGICAL_CHECK)

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