SQLBits IX was amazing..  again.
Another fantastic event with great speakers and content it was again obvious that it would be one more SQLBits that wouldn’t disappoint. It didn’t.
Attending some of the dev sessions, for a change, seemed to the the overall plan. Just one more look at the agenda beforehand and then to decide which sessions at SQLBits to attend.
By the end of the day all the sessions seen were the dev sessions . As with all things there are choices, choices and more choices and then conflicting choices where you want to be in two places at the same time, which always seems unlikely when you look at the sessions available.
Here we are, 7.45 am, slightly late and bacon roll in hand, I made my way to the unit testing session by Anthony Brown before a session by Milos Radivojevic on T-SQL performance.
Next was the session I’d especially been intrigued by a session from Mark Pryce-Maher of T-SQL Tidy on building an SSMS addin and it ignited the excitement.. or rather rekindled it after the the fruitless hours spend already! Although on a completely different topic, the sessions’ energy, interactivity and hands-on development was similar to Alastair Aitchisons’ session on spatial at SQLBits VIII and encompassed the SQLBits experience.
Then there was an interesting and intensive session from Bob Duffy on tuning from the dot net perspective followed by the usual relaxed and humorous break session with Kevin Kline from Quest with a trivia quiz, then an informative ‘bad habits to kick session’ from Aaron Bertrand split by a fast-paced T-SQL driven service broker session from Allen White.
If you are thinking about attending but unsure, go to the next SQLBits!

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