Which SQL Agent job runs my SSRS report schedule

To find out which SQL Agent job is running your SSRS schedule simply use the query below substituting your ReportServer name and your ReportName. Many reports can run using the same shared schedule so use caution if running the job manually.

USE ReportServer

SELECT dbo.Catalog.Name, dbo.Subscriptions.LastRunTime, dbo.Subscriptions.LastStatus, dbo.Catalog.ExecutionFlag, ScheduleID
FROM dbo.Subscriptions
INNER JOIN dbo.ReportSchedule ON dbo.Subscriptions.SubscriptionID = dbo.ReportSchedule.SubscriptionID
INNER JOIN dbo.Catalog ON dbo.Subscriptions.Report_OID = dbo.Catalog.ItemID AND dbo.ReportSchedule.ReportID = dbo.Catalog.ItemID
WHERE dbo.Catalog.Name =Report Name
Which SQL Agent job runs my SSRS report schedule

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